Please keep in mind the following deadlines:

  • sending a registration to the Exhibitor Catalogue – as soon as possible after signing the forms, along with the signed registration forms no later than on (date soon)
  • Co-exhibitor registration – (date soon)
  • payment of all fees due – until (date soon)

In the case of the Exhibitor using an external contractor for building the stall:

  • sending the plan of the stall to the Organizer’s office for acceptance until (date soon)
  • informing the Organizer on structures higher than 2.5m – until (date soon)
  • sending documents certifying the fire protection of stall construction elements and equipment – until (date soon)


Stall assembly will take place on (date soon) between 08:00 AM – 10:00 PM, and bulk elements only by 4:00 PM.

The disassembly of the stalls and equipment will be possible only after the end of the fair – (date soon) from 4:00 PM.

Disassembly should be completed until 12:00 PM on (date soon).


Ptak Warsaw Expo in Nadarzyn has a car park for 15 000 vehicles.

Each Exhibitor will receive, as part of the registration fee, a single parking card for the entire duration of the fairs along with the day of assembly.

Purchased parking cards can be collected during the fairs, in the Organizer’s Office. Card activation will be performed upon entering the Fair location. It is forbidden to park transport vehicles or passenger cars taking up more than a single parking space at the car park during the Fairs.